Empowering Communities: The Transformative Impact of Great News Media's Newsletters

Great News Media assembles, curates, and publishes 91 community newsletters. Behind each of these newsletters is a community dedicated to informing residents. These newsletters also create the perfect opportunity for local businesses to advertise. GNM fosters a sense of community by promoting local and small businesses at incredibly reasonable advertising prices We represent communities from […]

Read More... Your Go-To Destination for In-Depth Calgary Community News is a vibrant community news website dedicated to profiling up-to-date local events, activities, perspectives, culture, and lifestyle from a unique blend of excellent journalistic contributors including community associations, resident associations, politicians, residents, local businesses, and the City of Calgary. is community focused. We believe in capturing the enthusiasm and creativity of Calgarians on […]


What Are Geofenced Digital Display Ads?

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, the key to driving sales lies in cultivating awareness. To achieve this, your advertising efforts must reach the right audience when they’re most receptive. Geofencing, or proximity marketing, is the strategic approach that positions your ad directly in front of the ideal individuals and/or demographic within your desired location. This […]


Why Advertise With Great News Media

Since 1989, Calgarians have trusted Great News Media as a reliable source for timely and targeted community news. With a clear and consistent advertising campaign you are able to build trust and relationships with the people you care about, in the city you call home. Earning that trust can be intimidating and difficult, especially when […]