Close Your Go-To Destination for In-Depth Calgary Community News is a vibrant community news website dedicated to profiling up-to-date local events, activities, perspectives, culture, and lifestyle from a unique blend of excellent journalistic contributors including community associations, resident associations, politicians, residents, local businesses, and the City of Calgary. is community focused. We believe in capturing the enthusiasm and creativity of Calgarians on our website and 91 community newsletters. Community is where we find our value and reason.

Apart from community news, also provides valuable resources and information for residents such as monthly community crime statistic articles and monthly community real estate statistic articles. In addition, the website also updates the community business classified listings, and the Safest Calgary Neighbourhood Report monthly. This comprehensive community-focused content is hard to find elsewhere.

One of the standout features of is its monthly updated home pages for each specific community. These pages not only host community news but also provide comprehensive information about the neighbourhood demographics, map boundaries, and contact information for related associations. In partnership with community and resident associations, our website features digital versions of 91 community newsletters all of which are available every month, featuring relevant and up-to-date information and events to keep residents informed and connected. stores up to two years’ worth of issues for each community, so they can look back and have easy access to an archive. also provides an excellent platform for local digital, and SEO advertising.

Owned and operated by Great News Media, is the go-to source for local news and information in Calgary, providing users with valuable insights and resources to help them stay connected with their communities. The website is also a great platform for local digital advertising.

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