Empowering Communities: The Transformative Impact of Great News Media's Newsletters

Great News Media assembles, curates, and publishes 91 community newsletters. Behind each of these newsletters is a community dedicated to informing residents.
These newsletters also create the perfect opportunity for local businesses to advertise. GNM fosters a sense of community by promoting local and small businesses at incredibly reasonable advertising prices

We represent communities from the Southeast, Southwest, Northeast, and Northwest of Calgary. We extend the importance of community by also providing newsletters to communities nearby Calgary such as DeWinton, Elbow Valley, and Springbank.

Now with all this information you might ask why community newsletters are important?

Community newsletters give a voice to communities and their residents. Newsletters provide specialized knowledge that cannot necessarily be found online or in your local newspaper which caters to a larger area. In this way, newsletters provide niche information which caters to the specific needs of a community. The newsletters we create promote community events, highlight local achievements, and encourage volunteerism in your community.

At GNM we liaise monthly with each community association who sends in their content which we then format, edit, assemble, and publish. They send in the information, and we create the perfect newsletter for their community. We do the work so that you can just sit back and enjoy reading your monthly newsletter.

Newsletters establish a robust and direct link between communities and their residents, fostering a sense of connection and communication. The Bridgeland/Riverside Heritage Committee expresses deep gratitude for the community newsletters we create, acknowledging its pivotal role as a primary means of communication with the residents of Bridgeland – Riverside.
The editor of the Mount Pleasant Community Newsletter has also extended appreciation to GNM, recognizing the diligent efforts of our team. They have noted that a substantial portion of our community values and enjoys receiving the newsletter through traditional mail. They note that our continued support fuels their commitment to delivering informative and engaging content that strengthens community bonds.

In essence, Great News Media’s newsletters stand as a testament to the power of quality journalism and community-focused content in creating a positive and lasting impact on the lives of individuals within diverse communities.

Unlock the power of community newsletters for your advertising needs by contacting us at 403-720-0762 or [email protected]. We help determine the ideal display ad size and options for you, choose the newsletters that best align with your goals, and effortlessly submit your photos and logos. Seize this fantastic opportunity for effective and targeted outreach – don’t miss out!