Which Businesses Reap the Rewards of Print Advertising?

All businesses can benefit from print advertising. But there are some businesses who really reap the rewards of print advertising. Because print advertising evokes more trust in consumers, especially if it takes the form of community newsletters, businesses benefit greatly.

Service-based businesses such as plumbers, electricians, hairstylists, cleaners, and so forth gain huge returns on investment in print advertising. Print advertising, unlike digital, is very community focused and targets a local community in which a business is located.

The community focused element of print advertising also benefits real estate businesses significantly. Consumers can easily view which properties are available in their area. They do not have to apply filters and go through an exhaustive online search like digital advertising. Sellers are also more likely to trust real estate agents or realtors who operate in their community. Real estate agents or realtors who use print advertising in communities have improved credibility than those who simply rely on digital streams of advertising.

The trustworthiness which comes with print advertising is especially beneficial for medical field businesses. Dentists, doctors, and other medical professionals will see how print advertising improves their credibility in a community.

Services which are targeted at the elderly find more success with print advertising. This could be, for example, old age homes or elder care specialists. The elderly find print advertising less threatening. An elderly targeted audience finds more comfort in print adverts which are not as invasive or fast-paced as digital adverts.

Businesses should not underestimate the tangibility of print advertisements. Businesses in the tourism and hospitality industries can testify to this success. The physicality of a print advertisement helps consumers save it for later as a reminder to visit a desired restaurant or hotel. Tangibility improves how a message imprints on a consumer. Businesses can take advantage of this tangibility by providing coupons in their print advertisement which will make consumers more likely to use your product or service.

The real estate industry also benefits from the tangibility of print advertisements. The visuals of a property listing are more appreciated and focused on in print advertisements. This also applies to Interior Design and Architecture businesses. Consumers can save these adverts which display beautiful examples of previous work and use it for their mood board for their dream home which they will build one day. Your service will be the first which they think of when they do build their dream home.

The cost effectiveness of print advertising helps small independent businesses gain exposure. A coffee shop, clothing boutique or flower shop will be able to see great rewards from print advertising as its reach is more targeted than digital advertising.

There are so many businesses, industries and specialized fields which can benefit from print advertising. I can’t think of a reason why you should not employ print advertising in your marketing strategy!

Your business could be the next business that can reap the rewards from print advertising so why not try it out?

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