Why Print Advertising Remains Highly Effective in the Modern Era

Print media and advertising have existed for centuries and have remained very much relevant in today’s digital landscape. There are so many reasons why print advertising has remained significant and will last for a very long time to come.

According to Conquest Graphics, 75% of consumers feel more appreciated when they receive print advertising. That is because print advertising has a more personal touch than digital advertising. Print advertising often is received by consumers through their mail, and this creates a feeling of emotional connectivity to a community more than digital advertising which is based on mass consumption. Businesses which are advertised on a community newsletter are more likely to be used by consumers as they feel these businesses care for the community which they live in – it shows a personal touch and connectedness which can be lost in major digital advertising campaigns.

Print advertising also gets more invested attention from consumers than digital advertising. This could be because consumers find print advertising easier to read. Research indicates that consumers have longer attention spans when reading information offline. The longevity of print advertising surpasses any digital advertising. People often save print advertisements on their kitchen counters, fridges, or desks to remember for later whereas a digital ad can get lost with constant scrolling and the fast-paced online environment.

People find products and services advertised in print more trustworthy. The reason for this? Internet scams and fraud continue to prevail in the digital age which affects the trustworthiness of digital advertising. Print advertisements, especially in community newsletters, help create a dedicated bond between consumers and businesses. People are more invested in information which they receive through a community newsletter or local newspaper as they believe it is a trusted source.

Print advertising also has the benefit of reaching a wider audience. Despite being in a predominantly digital age not everyone is able to access information online. Therefore, offline information is still as important as it was centuries ago. Print advertising helps businesses reach a demographic which is still offline and helps breach the digital divide present in our society.

Businesses also have more control over placement of their advertisement on print versus digital advertising. This is because they can ask for ideal placement and do not rely on an algorithm online which could minimize the effect of their advertisement. Businesses also find print advertising to be more cost effective and create higher returns on interest compared to digital advertising.

Print advertising is still as relevant and effective as it has been since its inception circa 1472. Do not count out print advertising when considering how to advertise to the masses!

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