Outperforming Google with SEO Classified Ads Business Classified Ads boosts your business with low-cost, high-impact advertising.

Looking to advertise your business in specific communities in and around Calgary? offers 221 community classified listings with extensive readership and monthly updates, making it a powerful tool to enhance your business’s SEO results.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is crucial for your website’s visibility on search engines like Google. Achieving first-page rankings is the goal when potential customers search for businesses related to yours.

Here’s how our 50-word classified ads work:

Anita Mortgage, for example, aimed to attract customers in Southeast Calgary communities like Cranston, Auburn Bay, McKenzie Lake, and McKenzie Towne. We helped her achieve this by placing her ads in relevant community listings, such as ‘Cranston Mortgage Broker’ in the Cranston Classified Ads, ‘Auburn Bay Mortgage Broker’ in the Auburn Bay classifieds, and so on.

When we tested the results on Google, we found success in achieving first-page rankings for these search terms. For instance, ‘Cranston Mortgage Broker’ displayed Anita Mortgage’s website and her classified ad on the first page of Google results.

If you’re interested in community classified advertising, we can place your business classified ad in selected community listings on at an affordable rate. This type of advertising can generate leads, improve your SEO, and boost your sales.

Many of our classified advertisers implement this community-focused marketing monthly in their target communities. For a quote, contact us at 403-720-0762 or email us at [email protected].

Experience the benefits of classified ads and enhance your business’s online presence.

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