Optimizing Print Advertisement Design: A Guide to Creating Effective Ads

It can be hard to stand out in the everchanging marketplace, but when utilizing print media like Great News Media newsletters, consistency really is key. This is because regular advertising allows readers to become familiar and comfortable with your company, products, and/or services. A one-time advertisement does not hold the same weight as an advertisement that has been running for months, because it will not be at the forefront of people’s minds. That is why it is best to advertise for a minimum of three months to show readers this is a brand and company they can trust. The great advantage of regular print advertisement is that it is familiar, it is concrete, and it is simple.

But on a page filled with all kinds of other text and graphics, how does one business differentiate itself from the rest? The experienced team at Great News has compiled a list of helpful tips to help design your next ad!


The first thing to keep in mind can be summed up in one word: vocabulary. The headline of your ad is the first and arguably most prominent thing about your advertisement. You want to sell your product or service in six words or less – a condensed elevator pitch. The words you choose set the tone of the company and will be the first introduction to you readers get.

A great way to use vocabulary within an advertisement to create a sense of intrigue and urgency is to include a call to action. Inviting readers to “Call Us Today!” or “Visit While Supplies Last!” is a great way to get people to engage with the products and services you are offering – nobody wants to be left out or miss out on a good deal.

Less is More

It is very important to keep the message clear and concise to keep the readers’ attention. The idea is simply to pique their interest so they call in for more details, not necessarily to explain every facet of your company nor the history of its inception. Using bullet points is a good tactic to keep things short and sweet, while making sure there is relevant information about the business.

A common misconception is that every inch of space needs to be used and filled. This is not true! Leaving some white space and allowing the existing design and text to breathe is much more effective in both standing out from busier posters and such that may be too distracting, and also in getting the most vital information across without becoming diluted or buried. There is nothing wrong with leaving some empty space and keeping things simple.

Branding and Imagery

Colours and images appeal to readers emotions just as much as text and vocabulary do. As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and this idea does not falter when talking advertisements. Including a picture can make a more interesting, expressive, and welcoming advertisement because you are able to tell a story without using words that might skew the point or impression you are trying to make. A great style and balance of fonts, colours, and images is uniquely impactful when it comes to viewing a printed ad.

A consistent display ad campaign is the perfect place to brand your logo over and over again. Logos create immediate visual recognition for your current customer base and build top of mind awareness of your brand over time. Have you ever been in the market for a product or service, but just couldn’t for the life of you remember the name of that one place that sold it? Only for the logo to appear in your mind and lead you to victory? This is exactly the goal of branding and logos – creating something eye-catching to remind you of the product or service, even when the words escape you.

By using the three key concepts of Vocabulary, Minimalism, and Branding, you will be in good shape to begin designing an effective print advertisement! And when in doubt, you can always contact our talented team of professional graphic designers in-house who are more than happy to create high quality advertisements that suit your needs – today and for years to come!

Since 1989, Calgarians have trusted Great News Media as a reliable source for timely and targeted community news. Do you want to advertise? All it takes is three easy steps. Call 403-720-0762 to discuss your advertising needs, choose your display ad size and options, and select which newsletter(s) you wish to appear in. Then send over any text, photos, and/or logos that you would like to have within your ad. Finally, approve a proof of your ad.

It’s that simple. The rest will be done for you. Call today to make sure you’re in the next issue!

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