Affordable Small Business Advertising Solutions

Maximizing Your Advertising Budget for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

In the competitive world of advertising, every dollar counts, especially for small and medium-sized businesses striving for cost-effective solutions that deliver the best ROI (Return on Investment). When considering sustainability and effective campaigns, selecting the right advertising medium is paramount.

Great News Media offers an impressive array of 91 newsletters, covering the entire city of Calgary and its surrounding areas. In an era of constant change and growth, print media maintains its timeless appeal. The tangible experience of flipping through the pages of a concrete newsletter cannot be replicated on a screen.

Why Choose Community Newsletters for Your Small Business?

While popular newspapers and magazines serve as traditional advertising outlets, they often come with high costs and short lifespans. Advertisements in such publications are expensive and brief, as they get quickly replaced by newer stories. Moreover, the rise in subscription prices has prompted people to turn to free news outlets, making community newsletters an attractive option.

Great News Media allows you to reach your target audience in specific communities, fostering a direct, physical connection between local businesses and residents.

The Benefits of Great News Community Newsletters

For those who still prefer print media, Great News community newsletters, distributed to 90,000 Calgary households each month for free, offer exceptional value to businesses. With advertising rates as low as $0.01 per household, community newsletters are a budget-friendly alternative to traditional newspaper and magazine ads.

Where else can small businesses find affordable full-page, full-color advertisements with a 31-day shelf life? These newsletters are essential reading for Calgary residents, keeping them informed about local news, events, and initiatives. Small businesses can effectively target desired neighborhoods and demographics, as residents tend to trust and support the businesses advertised in these newsletters.

Calgarians have trusted Great News Media since 1989 for timely and relevant community news. To advertise with us, simply follow these three easy steps: call 403-720-0762 to discuss your advertising needs, choose your ad size and options, and select your preferred newsletter(s). Then, provide any text, photos, and logos you want in your ad and approve a proof of your ad.

It’s a straightforward process, and we’ll take care of the rest. Call today to secure your spot in the next issue!