Editorial content is informative, educational, or entertaining, such as news, reports, editor’s comments, letters to the editor, photos of an event, a column ‘presented by’ a subject matter expert, city and zoning notices, entertainment such as games, comics and caricatures.

Editorial content is NOT promotional and does not promote any business or organizations services, products, or brands. It is not classifieds, ads or advertising in any form, or coupons.

Bylines: you may have a byline consisting of your name and credentials, but no business name or contact info.

No references to your company name or products/services you sell/provide are to be in the content. We reserve the right to edit it for content and length if necessary.

No company logos.

Word Count: We ask that you try to keep the word count to 300 words maximum. The longer the article the less chance it will be picked up and published.

Photos are accepted. With a maximum of two photos for articles. If you do not have a photo you can request a stock photo. Very often we will add one if it is not supplied. If you are including a photo this will affect the size of the space needed for your article. Photo submissions for the gallery need to be 1MB and 300 DPI. A maximum of six photos are accepted for the gallery, and there is no guarantee that we will use all of your photos in the gallery.

Submission Deadline: The deadline date for editorial content is the 1st of the previous month. (E.g. July 1st for August editions.) If that date falls on a statutory holiday or weekend the deadline rolls to the following business day. Early submissions are preferred.

There is no guarantee that your submission will be published – editorial content is placed when space is available, and the first to be removed when a paying advertiser books their ad. All editorial content is placed randomly throughout our newsletters, unless a specific community newsletter is requested. In the case of articles, please note that we cannot tell you specifically which newsletters your article will appear in. You are free to visit our website at www.great-news.ca to browse the newsletters yourself.

Advertiser’s Articles: We receive many requests from advertisers to publish their articles because they have an advertisement that is currently running in a newsletter. Please note that we cannot publish your article and advertisement together on the same page – or facing pages. Also, there is no guarantee that because you have a paid advertisement in the newsletter, that your article will be published. An editorial placed beside or on the same page as an advertisement then becomes an Advertorial, which does not meet our Editorial Guidelines.

Other considerations that affect the article being published: Official community newsletters’ content has the highest priority and the community association also has the right to refuse any article. If a last-minute paying advertiser requires the space an article may be pulled to accommodate that advertiser.

Multiple Newsletter Coverage: We do not accommodate requests for multiple newsletter coverage. Your submission is added to our Filler List and chosen when space is available.

Rights: You retain all rights to your article – which means you can publish it anywhere else you wish.